Helping your organization solve hard problems

I'm a software engineer with a penchant for solving hard problems. I've worked variously at PricewaterhouseCoopers building a platform for unstructured text analysis and analytics, for the Florida Senate building mapping tools and analytics for redistricting, and built several crop and forest management solutions, including working for one of Florida's largest landowners building a LIDAR and multispectral imaging based hardware solution for mapping out citrus crops. I've also has done work in academia, as well as for several NGOs, including Moffitt Cancer Center and Mayday PAC, where I built constituent research oriented constituent research software.

When I'm not writing code, I like cycling and swimming. I've also done some community theatre, including playing Willard in Footloose. I'm also an amateur musician.


My email is daniel@danielportersoftware.com.

I'm also frequently in the ybor functional programming slack channel at http://slack.ybortech.org/